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From the customer management site, your company has access to all of its service, contact, billing, and usage information. You can manage and upgrade services quickly and easily, and keep tabs on the your service performance. Just login with either a registered contact e-mail address or an account login and you will have access to the appropriate information.

  • Company Contact
    If you are a registered company contact with Data Foundry, use your e-mail address and password. If you are not registered as a contact, contact our Sales team to get entered.
  • Dialup Account
    Login with your dialup login and password to access and view your dialup statistics and change your password.
  • Virtual Web Account
    Login with your virtual web site name ( and password to access and view your web statistics and change your password.

If you are not registered with Data Foundry as a company contact, give our Sales team a call or drop them an e-mail, and we will add you right away.

Contact Information
Austin Sales
(512) 684-9000
Dallas Sales
(214) 953-1005
Houston Sales
(713) 328-8000
San Antonio Sales
(210) 582-4000
Sales E-mail